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Take a look at our frequently asked questions below.


What is the recommended transfer switch for my generator?
Westinghouse recommends you use a Westinghouse manufactured model. Please remember that in most cases, you also will need to change the generator from a bonded neutral to a floating neutral. If you require instructions on where to do this, please have your service dealer or licensed electrician request by emailing service@westpropower.comof by calling 855-944-3571, then service and support and here you will see a hot link for a Technical Service Bulletin. WPP# 210052 is for the 30amp box WPP# 210076 is for the 50amp box please see the full specifications under our accessories tab, at the top of the home page.

Where can I get the instructions to convert my generator from a bonded neutral to a floating neutral?
These are available here on the website under service and suppport, then technical service bulletins.

What does the green and red dots mean on the Westinghouse power cord?
Please see the service and support here on the website then technical service bulletin.

What is the db sound rating?
All of the WH portable series has a db of 70-74. The 8KPRO is also 70-74, and at idle down it is 68. The 10KPRO units are around 76-78.

Can I install a fuel conversion kit on my generator?
No, We do not endorse or approve this. If you do this, you also will be in violation for federal emission laws and complete loss of your warranty.

What type of oil is recommended?
Westinghouse recommends you use the 10W-30 oil in general, however in temperatures below zero, we recommend a 5W-30. The use of Synthetic oil is also ok to use with your portable generator or your inverter.

What is the noise level on these generators?
All our units are rated between 70-74. This is measured 7 meters away from the machine, with a 4 sided average at full load. We recognized that other manufactures are saying less, however I would challenge, as we are generally one of the quietest units in the field today.

What type of gasoline is recommended?
Westinghouse recommends a unleaded fuel with an octane rating of 87% or higher.

How often do I need to do maintenance?
Westinghouse recommends that the oil is changed after the first 20 hours of use. Then every subsequent 50 hours of use.

Does the generator need to be grounded?
Yes, For safety, the generator must be grounded properly. If not grounded you run the risk of possible electrocution. It is strongly recommended that you check and follow all federal, state and local regulations relating to grounding.

Where can I purchase my parts?
Go to our service and support tab and here you will see a link to "Find A Dealer". Simply enter your zip code. This will get you linked to the closest service dealer location to you or call us at 855-944-3571.

I cannot locate my owner's manual. How can I get a new one?
These can be down loaded from our website or you can call your local service dealer at 855-944-3571.

Where can I find or locate my closest dealer?
Click on the service & support tab associated with this website. Then click on the link " Find A Dealer" enter your zip code and you will receive the list in your area or you can call us at 855-944-3571.

Where do I go for my Warranty repairs?
Please go to a local service dealer nearest you. To locate one, please go to our "Find a Dealer" locator under the service & support tab of this website or call 855-944-3571.
How many recoil pulls does it or should it take to start?
The model 1000 must be primed by pulling on the recoil. The best way is to ensure that you have a full fuel tank, then generally will take 15-20 pulls to prime and start. After this process, the carburetor has fuel still in the bowl and it should only take about three pulls generally to start there after. The model 2000, will generally start on the first or second pull straight out of the box. Different technology allows it to start much quicker. This is a gravity feed fuel system as compared to a system that must be primed. #1 in the industry.

Where do I buy my parts from?
If you have a Blue Westinghouse unit. please call 855-944-3571 this is the parts network. If you have a Red Milbank unit, please call 816-410-7346. If you have a Black Paladin unit. Please call 888-394-6765. Otherwise, if you have any other questions. Please send us a note at

Who and Where do I get service for my unit?
Generally all those who service a portable generator will be able to service an Inverter product as well. However not all want to work on small consumable type products, so you may need to ask them. Generally if it is just simple parts, they will be sent to you directly at no charge, however if it is something more serious. We may exchange the unit entirely based on the findings, as long as the unit is still under warranty. Please make sure you are familiar with your warranty first.

Where do I get my require parts pages and part numbers from?
These are in the back of your manual by the model number.

I think my oil is leaking, what do I do?
Generally the oil does not just leak. Most often the unit has been over filled. Ensure that you do not have more than 300mil in your model 1000 and not more than 400mil in your model 2000. The only other thing would be if the unit has been dropped and something has been cracked or the unit has been left or laid on its side long enough for oil to leak.

What id the run time I can expect?
Run times can vary by model and depending on the usages and applications.

My unit will not stay running?
Please verify that you have not over loaded the unit and tripped the reset breaker or that the low oil light has not come on. If so, you will need to possible add oil or remove some of the load attached to prevent overloading.

Can I install a fuel conversion kit on my generator?
NO, We do not endorse or approve this. If you do this, you also will be in violation for federal emission laws and complete loss of your warranty.
Can I use synthetic oil in my generator and my Inverter?
Yes you can.

Do you have a battery spec for Batteries plus?
Yes, for all the electric units from a 6500E through the 7500E models. They will use the Batteries Plus part number CYLA14LBSXTA or Westinghouse part number 100024. If it is for a unit manufactured before 2015, then you will also need longer hold down bolts 100283. Also for the Kpro Series units 8Kpro and 10Kpro. They will use the batteries plus part number WKDC12-20NB or the Westinghouse part number 100170.

Can I vent out the exhaust from an enclosed space?
NO! Never run a generator in any type of enclosed space. Generators are designed to be run outside where there is plenty of ventilation.

Where can I get the instructions to convert my generator from a bonded neutral to a floating neutral?
These are available here on the website under service and suppport, then technical service bulletins.

What does the green and red dots mean on the Westinghouse power cord?
Please see the service and support here on the website then technical service bulletin.

Can I use 50 Hz appliances on this 60 Hz generator?

How do I hook up my battery?
7000 Electric Start Model there are two cables from the generator. The red (+) positive cable should be connected to the (+) positive lug of the battery. The black (-) negative cable and should be connected to the (-) negative lug of the battery. These connections can be confirmed by verifying that the red cable is connected to the starter solenoid and the black cable is connecting to a ground lug attached to the portable's main frame. Connect the (+) positive connection first and then the (-) negative connection. When disconnecting, disconnect the (-) negative connection first followed by the (+) positive connection last.

Can I run the generator at 50 Hz?
Can I operate both 240V and 120V at the same time?

Are there Operating Recommendations for:
High Ambient Temperatures - Make sure the generator has plenty of unobstructed airflow, keep the generator clean, and use oil of the proper viscosity. Low Ambient Temperatures - Keep the spark plug clean and properly gapped, and use oil of the proper viscosity. Dusty Conditions - Keep the genset clean, service the air filter more often than scheduled, and change the oil more often than scheduled.

Can I mount this on a trailer?
Mounting on trailers or confined places is not recommended... if you must, make certain there is proper air flow and that it is not in an enclosed environment.

Can I connect this generator to my house?
Do not connect the generator set directly to any building electrical system. Back feeding could cause electrocution of utility line workers and damage to equipment. An approved switching device like a Westinghouse Transfer Switch must be used to prevent interconnections. Consult an electrician regarding use of the generator set for emergency power. WPP#210052 is the MTS for 30amp WPP#210076 is the MTS for 50amp

Can I parallel more than one set?
No. Westinghouse does not support this

Will this generator run my.....
Powering AC Tools and Appliances:
1.) Note the rated output stated on the generator set nameplate.
2.) Check the power draw (watts) of each tool or appliance to be connected.
3.) Add the watt ratings of all the loads that the generator set will be powering at the same time.
Make sure that total wattage will not exceed the generator nameplate rating. Example: A generator set rated 6.0 kw (6000 watts) can power two 1500 watt heaters, a 900 watt circular saw, a 500 watt drill, and a 100 watt light at the same time (4500 watts altogether). However to operate a second 900 watt saw, it will be necessary to disconnect one of the 1500 watt heaters.

What is starting current/power?
A motor draws much more power when starting up than when running. It may be necessary to power fewer tools or appliances when motors and air conditioners are cycling on and off.

Can generator run continuously?
Yes, the generator can run continuously as long as maintenance intervals are followed. The genset does need to be turned off to refuel, though.

What happens if I overload the generator?
The generator has circuit breakers to protect itself from overloading. If overloaded, the circuit breaker will trip and stop power flow to protect the generator and other appliances.

How long should it take to reset one of the breakers?
It takes about 10 seconds for the breakers to cool down. You should then be able to reset them by pressing in the breaker button.

Can I run my computer and other electronic equipment?
Load question - The quality of electricity output by the generator will meet electronic equipment standards and requirements. The use of a surge protector is recommended for the protection of the electronic equipment as it is in your home.

My generator shuts down periodically and wont restart.
The engine does have a low oil level switch that will shut down the generator if the engine is low on oil.

How long will the portable run on one tank of fuel?
Please look up the specification sheets by model. Here you will find your individual run times.

How do I shutdown the generator?
1.)Turn off all connected tools and appliances.
2.) Let the generator set run for a few minutes to cool down.
3.) Stop the generator set by pressing the Start/On/Off switch in the OFF position.
4.) Close the fuel valve.

Can I start the portable with load applied?
- The generator should not be started with load/appliances already applied. The engine of the generator needs to come up to proper speed. Applying load before starting may cause damage to your appliances.

Can I shut down the portable with load still on?
It is recommended that all appliances/loads are removed before shutting the generator off. This prevents the appliances from any harm that could occur when the generator slows and does not produce exactly 120 Volts AC.

Can I run this portable inside if the windows are open?
No. Never run the generator inside... doing so can cause death, or significant health dangers and also reduce airflow to the generator, possibly damaging the assembly.

What can I do to make it quieter?
Westinghouse does not have a kit or support to make the generator quieter. External exhaust systems could effect engine performance and ultimately lead to engine damage.

Is there a need to exercise this genset?
Yes. Exercising a generator set drives off moisture, re-lubricates the engine, replaces stale fuel and removes oxides from electrical contacts. The result is better starting, more reliable operation, and longer engine life.

How do I exercise the generator?
If your use is infrequent, run the generator set at 50% max power capacity at least 30 minutes every month.
- A single 30 minute exercise is better than many shorter exercises.
- The alternative for exercise is servicing the generator for long term storage.

Do I need a Grounding Rod?

What is the Earth Ground lug for?
The earth Ground allows you to ground the generator set to earth ground by connecting a suitable ground wire to the ground lug terminal on the generator set control panel. The other end of the wire must be connected to a suitable earth ground according to local electrical codes.
Do not connect grounds from tools or appliances to the Ground Lug terminal. With proper power cords they should be grounded to the generator through the output receptacles.

Can I run this portable in a State Park?
Most state parks allow generator operation during specific day hours. It is recommended to ask park officials prior to operation.

Can I run in the garage/trailer with door open?
No, The generator set must be used in an open area. Running a generator set in a confined area can be both damaging to the generator and also could be fatal to the operator.

Can I use a Car Battery for starting?
No, it is recommended that you use the properly specified battery, Westpro #100024 motorcycle/utility battery. If the battery is dead, use the recoil to start the generator and as long as the cell is not dead, you will be able to recharge it by letting the generator run for a while. If the cell is dead. There is not charger that will work and you must replace the battery.

What is the life expectancy?
The life of any generator set is dependent on the care it receives, maintenance, and the conditions under which it operates in.

Can I power wash my generator?
No. The generator set has many components that could be damaged by the high pressure and water of the power washer.

Will the genset work in the Rain/Snow?
No, The generator needs to operate in a safe and dry location.

Will the generator work if submerged?
If any of the electrical components of the generator were damaged due to being submerged, the generator may not function properly.

How does the fuel valve work?
The fuel valve is a device that allows or stops the flow of fuel to the generator engine. - The fuel valve should always be opened prior to starting the generator, and the fuel valve should be closed immediately after stopping the generator.

What can I do to preserve fuel longer/Lower the fuel consumption rate?
Fuel consumption is based on load applied and time running. The best way to conserve fuel is practicing load management. Do not run generator set when certain loads are not needed.

Can I use 10/15% ethanol fuel?

Can I use 87,89,92 octane gasoline?
Yes, Use clean, fresh unleaded gasoline with an octane rating (anti-knock index) of 87 or higher.

Can I burn JP1 fuel or E85 fuel in this?

Can I mount genset on foundation?
The generator does not require mounting. Westinghouse generators are intended to be portable. Some installation with excessive vibration or lack of cooling air could lead to early component failure. These failures are not covered under warranty.

What temperature can I start and run this portable?
-20 degrees Celsius is the lower limit for electric start.

Can I run the portable in the basement?

Is there a high temperature shutdown?

My generator got wet, what should I do?
Immediately wipe dry. Blow off with compressed air. Let generator sit for 24 hours, and then attempt to start. Generators contain many electro mechanical parts that can be damaged when in contact with water.

Do I need to drain the fuel from the fuel tank before transportation?
No. The fuel valve must be closed before transportation, however.

Do I need to add oil to the fuel mixture?
No. The engine is a 4-stroke engine.
Where can I find the serial number information for my generator?
The serial number is located on the horizontal bar directly between the lifting handles.

Can I convert my unit to an electric start?
No, cannot be retro fitted

Can I convert this to LP?

Can I connect to an inverter?
No, Westinghouse units do not have a DC outlet

Is there a High Altitude kit?
No, not at this time.

Can I add a remote start to my generator?
No, Westinghouse does manufacture the Kpro series units with a remote start though.

Can I add a larger fuel system to this generator?
No, Westinghouse does not have a kit or support for this option currently available.

Is there a generator cover available?
Yes, check with your Service Dealer or Distributor for WPP# 210004.
Other kits available at your Service Center or Distributor. Complete Genset Hardware kit WPP# 210001 Replacement metric tool kit for Genset WPP# 210002 Touch up Paints. Blue WPP# 210005 and Gray WPP# 210006

Is there a power cord available?
Yes, check with your Service Dealer or Distributor for WPP# 210003

Is there a special tool needed for oil filter removal?
No, there is not no oil filter on the WH models, however the Kpro series units will have a small automotive type oil filter installed.

Are there any special tools I might need?
Dealers are required to have special tools. All units already come with a metric tool kit.

Do you have a Dolly/Wheel kit?
Wheel and Handle Kits are supplied as standard equipment with every Portable - It can be purchased as an accessory at your local Westinghouse Service Center

Can I add a quieter muffler?
No, Westinghouse does not have any kits or options to support this yet.

Are there any other kits available for noise?
No, Westinghouse does not have any kits or options to support this yet.

Can I add exhaust extensions to the set?
No, and Westinghouse does not recommend or support for this option

Can I add an auxiliary fuel tank?
No, Westinghouse does not have a kit or support for this option currently available.

Is there an hour meter available?
The 2012 models did not, however the 2013 electric start model WH7500E does. It is also possible to purchase one made by the manufacture Tiny Tach Part # TT2B and can be installed on any unit.

Where can I buy parts?
Maintenance parts & accessories available through a Service Dealer or Distributor in Network. Go to find a dealer and put in your zip code.

Can you send me any parts or components?
No, we do not stock inventory of parts at this call center or corporate office. You will need to contact your local Westinghouse Service Center, by putting in your zip code in the field to find a dealer.

Is there a cross reference parts for aftermarket sellers?
No. We do not have any cross reference information for Westinghouse parts.

Will I need to recharge the battery periodically?
As long as the generator is run regularly, the automatic battery recharging system on the engine will maintain battery charge.

Do you have a cross reference list for spark plugs?
Recommended Spark Plugs for Gensets: OEM is Torch F6RTC WPP#180009 Other interchangables: Champion RN9YC Bosch WR7DS Autolite 63
What information will I be asked to provide when I require service & support for my generator?
Please have the following information ready when you call:
1. Model Number
2. Serial Number
3. Proof of Purchase for warranty claims.
4. Date and Place of Purchase

What should I do with my rusty fuel tank?
It is very difficult to clean your fuel tank after corrosion has occurred.
Westinghouse does not recommend or support any specific cleaning agents, and the fuel tank will need to be replaced.

How important is it to remove and service the spark arrestor?
The spark arrestor is used to capture hot particles emitted from combustion. Improper maintenance of the spark arrestor can lead to a decline in engine performance.

What will happen if I use another type of oil?
Other types of oil like synthetic oils are ok, it is simply the mixing of different viscosities that is not recommended. Follow the oil recommendation chart in the Owners Manual for proper usage. Engine performance could decline if different viscosities are blended.

How can I get water out of the fuel tank?
Drain the fuel from the fuel tank & discard properly. Refill with fresh fuel.

What is the best method to cleaning the portable?
Compressed air. Rag and soapy water. Avoid excessive water, and be careful not to saturate any electrical components.

Can I use gasoline to clean the generator?
No...gasoline is dangerous and will mar the paint finish

Can I adjust the valve lash?
Valve Lash should be performed by a Service Center certified technician. Information on adjusting the valve lash can be found in the Service Manual.

My pull cord won't retract or it is broken, what should I do?
You should request service from your local Westinghouse Dealer.

Why does my circuit breaker keep tripping?
You may be overloading your generator. Try reducing the number of appliances you have plugged in. - You may have a faulty appliance. Try disconnecting certain appliances or try plugging in the faulty appliance to utility power.

My engine won't start.
See troubleshooting page in the manual.

Can I use carb cleaner in my fuel?
Yes. You can treat your fuel tank for long term storage. Be certain to follow the carb cleaner manufacturer's recommendations on usage.

Why does my generator quit when I turn on load?
See troubleshooting page in the manual.

I took my generator out from winter storage and it won't start.
Did you properly service the generator set for storage

Why does the generator kick back when I pull the rope?
See troubleshooting page in the manual.

My generator does not produce max power.
See troubleshooting page in the manual.

My output voltage is too low or too high?
See troubleshooting page in the manual.

My engine surges up and down.
See troubleshooting page in the manual.

Does this portable have any diagnostic checks? Ex: Fault Codes?

My generator was broken right out of the box, what do I do?
Return it to the place of purchase with proof of purchase, or contact your local Westinghouse Service Center.

Where do I take my generator for a return?
Return it to the place of purchase with proof of purchase.

My frequency is too low or too high.
See troubleshooting page in the manual.

My generator got wet...what should I do?
Immediately wipe dry. Blow off with compressed air. Let generator sit for 24 hours, and then attempt to start. Generators contain many electro mechanical parts that can be damaged when in contact with water.